The Broken Promise

I think that probably 50% of my sales of artwork are bought from me by other artists, maybe more than 50%. I really want to show my gratitude by buying other artist’s work too but I promised myself that I would never buy art for myself until I was well and truly established and making a living from my own art. Well I’m not quite there yet so I broke my promise to myself. But the two pieces I’ve recently bought are really really tiny and so lovely I just had to have them. The first piece was a hand embroidered Golden Poppy from Heather Everitt Embroidery


and the second, this unusual hummingbird skull ( not a real skull) artwork from Handmade Geeks.


I learn so much from other artists, sometimes major things and sometimes little things that are so easily overlooked but things that can make a real difference to whether or not your customer will return. And the one thing I’ve learnt from both these two artists is about the packaging… the parcels which in both of these cases were a pure delight to receive. Upon opening my Hummingbird artwork, tiny hand-made butterflies and stars sprinkled out of the package.


With Heather’s parcel the surprise was an extra gift, a gorgeous hand embroidered Christmas tree hanging Butterfly, beautiful packaging with printed bug paper and ribbon, specially made stamp prints on the parcel


When I began selling my work online I’m afraid I was rather bad at wrapping my wares, bundling them in tonnes of bubble wrap with not much thought to added extras or charming finishing touches. So delighted have I been upon receiving these two recent purchases, its really made me think about how I present my work to the buyer so although I broke my promise to myself in the first place and felt guilty for doing it, it was certainly by no means wasted money, after all I have gained so much more than the art I bought, much more than I ever expected for the money spent…. and the guilt has gone. It was meant to be. Can’t wait till I am in a financially better position so I can buy more art.

4 thoughts on “The Broken Promise

  1. You’re so right Julie! I recently bought two lengths of polka dot bunting. Nice but not really very exciting. However the loose end was fastened with a metallic green heart-topped pin and enclosed with a juicy Haribo sweet. Flipping brilliant! Boring becomes a bit gorgeous. So I always gift wrap my sales, regardless. And enclose a hand written card. And it’s fun too 😄! X

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  2. I have made the same promise to myself! I have on occasion broken it to buy small things like you though. And I hear you on the wrapping, I’m still finding how I like to package all my work beautifully but one of the things I love to do is wrap my Goddesses ready for their new homes. I had some personal stamps made, they’re wrapped in tissue paper with ribbon and presented in a gift box. I know it’s made a difference to the luxury and treat my customers feel because they tell me. It makes them feel even more special and I like that. Good luck in finding your own beautiful way to package lovely! x


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