Why size really does matter. Part One: My Flies are Undone!


I am occasionally asked by people, “Why don’t you go bigger, make really really big Bugs?” Well, does size really matter? No, not at all. But from a practicable point of view size really does matter. It basically all depends on how much space you have.


Tiny Computer Component Bug


The diverse variety of materials I am presented with upon opening up electronic gadgets can facilitate different forms and shapes and inspire new design possibilities. Of course, to find the pieces that fit perfectly together requires collecting, sorting and displaying literally thousands of components.


The displaying of the found objects in one’s working space is vital to the process because it is a discerning eye and a forager’s mentality which brings the separate pieces together to form the whole. It takes a lot of looking and searching through all the components to find ‘just the right one’. Then of course…

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The Bees Knees. Part Two: My colourful Nuts

My bee hive with honey comb is going to require some really big Bees to compliment those huge honey cells. This piece in progress is inspired by a story I read about a hive of bees local to an M&Ms factory. The bees had apparently been attracted to colourful sugary substances in waste bins at the back of the building. This resulted in the strange colours in the honey comb. Its nuts! isn’t it?

My hive is all ready and waiting for some bees. All of my Insect artworks come from discarded and obsolete computer and electronic gadget components but to realize this piece I may have to resort to buying brand new components. It will have to be called a ‘semi upcycled’ piece maybee? We shall see! What will bee will bee…
Two of the Bees shown here are available in my Etsy shop. Here are the links:




The Bees Knees. Part One.

You would think that bees would be one of the easiest insects to make from electronic components but not for me. Except for the legs of course which these yellow resistors are perfect for. They remind me of the chubby, pollen carrying bees knees.


My main problem though is to create lots of creatures that are all exactly the same because, of course, bees are communal…hive animals. Its rare to find electronic components or pieces of circuit board that are all alike. This is why I often claim that I create no two pieces the same.
Solitary bees are no problem to create. Here are a couple: The Sunny Honey Bee and the Jewelled Turquoise honey bee

. . Finding tiny and complex, rich turquoise coloured circuit boards fired my imagination for the latter which I have created, inspired by actual real live turquoise bees. Photo: Theophilus Photography. They are beautiful!


Getting the tiny proportions right is occasionally a problem but in my art studio (named ‘Wonderland’) size doesn’t always matter. Sometimes it does: Here is a Honey Bee in perfect proportion to a Purple Emperor Butterfly.