The Dainty Jewelled Singer Stinger, Electronic Component Ichneumon Wasp.


You can see the elegant female Ichneumon wasp walking with robotic darting movements, tip tapping with her antennae, on Summer leaves. Have you seen her? Looking for food, a mate of someone to lay her eggs in (yeek) with her sharp ovipositor. ´¯`*•.¸¸✿*•.🐝


Her name comes from her ‘stinger’ which is a needle from a Singer sewing machine. A perfect gift for a needle crafter or textile artist.


She is a delicate little one, adorned with a brand new ‘Indian Pink’ Swarovsky crystal adding a sense of preciousness and renewal to discarded and obsolete components. She is brand new in my Etsy shop today. Please find the links below:


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